Technical Writing Mastery: Make Your First $1000 In 2024

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Freelance Writers and Developers - Jumpstart Your Technical Writing Career And Make $100k/Year

You want to make a living with technical writing ?

Well, that's exactly why I made this course.

Jumping straight into it:

  • What is technical writing?
  • How much can you make?
  • How to start?
  • How to find clients?
  • How to contact clients?
  • How to charge clients?
  • How to write technical content? (in-progress, will be added soon)
  • And much more + Bonus 🤫

Why a course on technical writing ?

Technical writing is a specialized sub-niche of writing and there aren't many resources online for beginners.

And a lot have asked me how I've been able to make a living with technical writing and that got me to make this beginner level course.

What's in this technical writing course ?

You get vIdeos and ressources to help you get started.

Two main focus of the course:

  1. Getting your first client: Because it's a pain in the *ss if you're a beginner, I'll be showing you how I find and contact potential clients with real world examples.
  2. How to write technical content: I'll be showing how I write articles and documents from A to Z.

Who is it for ?

Anyone who wants to pivot their career to technical writing like I did or anyone who wants to jump right into it with no experience.


A couple years ago, I had no income and was living off savings in Indonesia, it was an extremely stressful period after leaving Canada in 2021.

I then decided to pivot my career to technical writing in 2022 and since then I've been making a living working with multiple software startups around the world as a technical writer. (Paying for my food, bills, scooter and iced lattes in Indonesia)

Clients deposits:

Wire transfer

Wise deposits from clients

100% refundable if you're not satisfied. :)

I will keep adding short videos and ressources to the course, you buy once and have access to everything forever.

Disclaimer: If you're not ready to put time and effort this course is NOT for you.

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Technical Writing Mastery: Make Your First $1000 In 2024

1 rating
I want this!